Storey Motion FAQ

About Storey Motion

What is Storey Motion?

Storey Motion is a Portland based videography team offering a new video experience – one centered around you.

What's up with the misspelling?

The answer is simple – Storey Motion got its name from our founder, Alan Storey.

Why is there so much emphasis on story?

Focusing on the story is not some marketing scheme, but rather the underlying reason for doing what we do. A story can come from anywhere, in so many forms, and endless shapes and sizes. It can take us where we have never been before, move us and even change us. To help tell your story, we finesse over the small details, push ourselves a little further, and focus on your message, your thoughts, your ideas, — your story.


What is the fastest and best method of contact?

We want what is most convenient for you! Except maybe carrier pigeons. Whether that is by email, phone, Facebook, Google+, FaceTime, or Skype, let us know how we can help.

What is the minimum lead time required for booking a service?

There is a great deal of preparation before we can begin filming. With that said, we would appreciate as much lead time as possible, but if your project began “yesterday,” we will do our best to get things underway.

Can I make changes to my already booked service?

Depending on the nature of the changes, of course.

Are services offered outside of Portland, Oregon?

Yes, we love new places, new faces, and new adventures.

Are there additional costs associated with travel?

Short distance travel costs are factored in. If the filming location(s) are beyond this distance,  then travel expenses will be discussed.

What resolution will my video be in?

Absolutely! Who do you think we are?

What equipment will be used in my video?

Always with professional cameras and high quality lenses – you know, the pricey ones – as well as broadcast quality microphones and recorders. Our rigs are diverse and we grab whichever best tells your story and also makes sense. If for some reason we do not have the gear, or just want to try something new, we rent it. Every shot is edited with professional software. We’ve got you covered.

Where can I write a comment/review?

That’s completely up to you and we would love feedback on our work. Facebook, Yelp, or Google are welcome locations.

What song(s) can be used in my video?

We respect all artists work, which means that we can only use songs that we have obtained the rights to use. We realize the importance of a great tune so rest assured that we will find the right fit.

Are photography services offered?

No, we stick to what we do best.

Last updated: September 12th, 2015