The Unique Dell Monitor You’ve Been Missing

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Dell Monitor

The awesome but overlooked Dell Monitor.

If 4K is beyond your means, but you want the highest resolution possible, the Dell U2515H 25″ LED Monitor is a unique, affordable, and sleek slice of tech. I don’t normally get excited about monitors but this particular model has impressed.

A video editor’s friend.

It is a simple monitor that doesn’t boast being the best at anything, yet the feature set makes it a must have for me. In the case of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, this would be the porridge that was just right. It packs the resolution of the larger 27″ monitor into a size slightly bigger than the popular 24″ monitor and in doing so, leaves you with a crisp view (2560×1440)-  without the high demand of 4K and above.

As a video editor primarily producing for the web, color accuracy is very important but not necessarily paramount, so a factory-tuned color gamut at 99% sRGB does just fine; I don’t have to worry about photographic prints so I can do without the 99% Adobe RGB. The thin bezel puts whatever I’m working on in plain view and would make a multi monitor setup even more seamless.

Built for the modern world.

Years ago I purchased an immensely popular Dell monitor, which didn’t play well with my Macbook Pro. In fact, my computer recognized it as a TV. Luckily, with the Dell U2515H Monitor, it works perfectly out of the box and even comes with a mini display port to display port cable (very Mac friendly).

For any platform, the 25″ Dell features a thoughtful design, with several ports, a multi-positional stand, and VESA mount. The screen is very bright for those working in a good sunlit room and can be turned down low enough for a dark editing room. LED, IPS, and a great viewing angle are almost a must for me and this monitor is no exception to the rule.  And not to be overlooked.

My final thoughts.

This Dell Monitor won’t meet your 4K needs but does provide a unique size to resolution pairing. I’ve grown used to Apple’s “Retina Display” so the better resolution I can get, while not having to purchase a new computer, the happier I am. Along with this display’s solid contrast, color and overall quality, the fact that the bezels are so thin makes it suprisingly stylish. And it is far from breaking the bank. Great job Dell.

I’d love to hear what you are using for your video editing needs. So, as always, feel free to leave a comment. Until next time…

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