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01. Keep It Simple

Our world has enough busy in it. Simplicity is a perfect way to sift through all things unnecessary and save everyone some time. We do our part to keep it simple while offering a wide variety of cinematic choices.

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02. Experience Fun

Yes, we like to have fun and after all, why not? We see our work as a journey that lends to invaluable experiences and opportunities to put stories in motion.

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03. Story

It’s often said that the story is the most essential part of film and we believe that to be absolutely true. Without a story, there is no message, and isn’t that the point?

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04. Formulas

Formulas are for mathematics and race cars. There are many videographers who apply a formula to each of their videos to save time. We feel that there are other ways to create consistency and establish a distinct “style.” Every video should be treated uniquely; the choice of music, to the color temperature, to how the video is edited, affects the overall look and style of a video. Leave the formulas in the classroom and let’s get some work done.

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05. Business

Doing business doesn’t have to be miserable.You need not worry about suits and ties, pompous attitudes, ridiculous policies, and small print at the bottom of the page. We know Storey Motion is a business, but it is also a way to connect people. We look at ourselves more as artists and you, as someone we can get to know.

Production strategy.

Start to finish. Or anything in between.


A simple shot list. A developed script. Whatever the method, meaningful content is the end goal.

Digital Video

Professional digital video cameras paired with broadcast quality audio to capture the moment in a manner fit for today.

Post Production

Top-notch editing programs to bring everything together in a beautiful and cohesive piece, ready to share.

Added Production

Basic animation, multiplex footage, color grading, and custom made designs to add the most production value.

Alan Storey

Alan Storey

Creative Director

Directing a skillful team around a unifying vision, working with brand agencies and tight deadlines, and owning and operating a business requires immense determination, focus, and often a personal touch. For me, success comes from loving what I do, staying inspired, and having a willingness to keep learning.

What I Do

  • Directing

  • Consulting/Social Media

  • Cinematography

  • Video Editing